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Meet Pat-n-Vic

2011: Patrick and Victoria met through a mutual friend while Patrick was in grad school at UCSD, and Victoria moved to beautiful sunny San Diego later that year.

2012: Victoria dragged Patrick to his first yoga class ever and her first vinyasa yoga class...both were hooked! Yes, we are the couple who holds hands during savasana. ♥

2016: The concept for Vinya was born after always needing to decide where to go and then having to drive to the nearest bar if we wanted to hang out with our friends after yoga. Everything from here on has been done with Vinya in mind...Patrick and Victoria completed yoga teacher training and WSET wine training together this year and even got married during the YTT break!

Today: Victoria is the powerhouse behind Vinya, while Patrick continues working as a Senior Sales Tax Manager to support the business and walks here after work every day to help out as needed.

Pat-n-Vic are just two people who are all in on making their dream a reality and a success. We don't come from money, we don't have investors, and we're not tied to a big restaurant group. But we have lived in Clairemont for 10 years now and absolutely love being able to hold space for everyone to come together as a community, both for Clairemont and for the city of San Diego.

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