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Class Offerings

  • All-levels vinyasa flow (free mimosa after class with brunch)

  • Active deep stretch targeting major muscle groups

  • Workshop-style with time to break things down and work on alignment

  • Gentle ground-based class using props to support static holds

  • All-levels power vinyasa flow (extended HH specials after class)

  • Supported poses for deep relaxation and nourishment for the body

  • All-levels morning vinyasa flow to get the day going

  • Mat Pilates - fire up the day by firing up your core and your body

  • More mellow and slower-paced all-levels vinyasa flow

  • Longer holds to focus on strength and mindfulness

  • Fusion class combining vinyasa flow with core-strengthening Pilates

  • Link breath to fluid movements in a progressive all-levels flow

  • Half vinyasa flow followed by a yin practice to end the night

  • Passive deep stretch followed by a little flow to get the day going

  • Functional movement for mobility, strength, and control

  • Passive deep stretch with light adjustments/massage

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